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Jessica Warner "Tomoyo Ichijouji" has been a voice actor since 2010 and has been cast in 80+ independent projects and 150+ fan projects, both in animation and games. She is known for having a versatile vocal range and variety of project experience, and has trained in a professional studio in the Adventures in Voice Acting class series and the Voicecaster Commercial 1 class series.She is also a content creator, having created the motion comics "No Rest for the Wicked" and "Future Reunion", as well as a short visual novel "Groups of Two", which she wrote, programmed, illustrated, voiced for, and directed a team of other voice actors that include names such as Baugus Bryson, Jane Redd, and Adelle Yeung.



IvyMyStreet Phoenix Drop High (web series)[video]
IvyLove ~ Love Paradise MyStreet (web series)[video]
Narrator (English)Animarsh (TV series)[video]
Captain Tremble, Dr. NellusSaratoga (web series)[video]
KalinaSpirit Stars (animated short)[video]
Ginoshi, Grape, MomThe Scarlet Steels (pilot)[video]
LinariThe Perjurer (animated short trailer)[video]
Old LadyFalse Perfections (web series)[video]
Agent Synn, MisakiLegend of the Legendary Lost Legend (web series)[video 1] [video 2]
Khadijah, JohannBakermomium: Density (animated short)[video]
EricMemories of a Siren (short web series)[video]
Cpt. CatalinaThe Adventuresome Six[cast video]
MaryLiterally Hell (Episode 4)[video]
Nasah, Merchant 4unnamed Minecraft roleplay series(in production)
Officer 2Wife from the Future(in production)
Vox Caster 240k Running(in production)

Video Games

True KonoeSacred Earth - Alternative (visual novel RPG)[Steam page] [video]
Yura Anders, Cammy IyukaTarget Acquired (mobile game)[video]
SkuldHeroine's Quest (PC game)[video]
SestraFaunia Rancher (mobile game intro)[video]
EmmaMadness of Little Emma (game intro)[video]
Lucille, Walter's Mother, other NPCsDuael (visual novel)[website]
Tell, AyaTell a Demon (visual novel)[website]
Rosemary Deid, Aya GavialAsher (visual novel)[website]
NimoNimo's Butterflies (visual novel trailer)[video]
Ms. AndersonGroups of Two (visual novel)[download]
MaribellStabika 4: Retribution (PC game)[download]

Motion Comics

Amelia, ClaireNeo Robia (web series)[video 1] [video 2]
Old Beggar Woman, Colette, The WitchNo Rest for the Wicked (motion comic)[video]
Chaska, CarynThe Perjurer (web series)[video]
Enigmatic BoyCan't Say Can't (short motion comic)[video]
TanyaComixscape (short motion comic)[video]
JasminElves are Racist (short motion comic)[video]

Audio Works

NarrationAn Uncommon Witness (audiobook)[audio sample]
NarrationAn Uncommon Proposal (excerpts)(not posted publicly)
Xiaolian (Narrator)Phoenix Wings (audioplay)[iTunes page]
RuthTwin Stars (audioplay)[audio]
Nalani, Young LaylaBlood Bound (audioplay)[audio]
NarrationEmotionography (poetry collection)[audio 1] [audio 2] [audio 3] [audio 4]

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Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd gen



Available to collaborate on Source-Connect Standard, Zoom, Skype, and Discord.Other methods of connection and audio samples available by request.